Benefits of staying in a homestay

Get to know Sri Lanka through the eyes of the locals

What is a homestay?

A homestay is an accommodation mainly in a family’s home, which has the concept similar to a bed & breakfast. Homestays are in comparison to hotels smaller and have few guestrooms within the home where the family lives or beside the family’s house and offer the same comfort to a hotel. The benefit here is to live together with locals and meet them. An accommodation in a home stay has many benefits in comparison to a hotel:

Contact to locals

Travel is about experiences that truly connects with the destination’s culture. For those who love meeting the locals, experiencing real local culture, learning local customs and traditions, knowing about the history, or basically for an authentic experience of a locality of any destination, you would need a starting point to dive deeper into the ocean of connections that a local homestay can genuinely be the right place for you…


Get a deep insight into the local culture through your host which you cannot find in any book. When traveling abroad it can be a daunting thing when you’re exposed to new cultures, although it doesn’t have to be. To make the most out of your travel adventures, what better way to get to known the locals by going local yourself with a local. When you bond with the locals in your host country when traveling abroad will open up most hidden secrets of a new culture.

Homemade local food

Have a meal together with your host or maybe even try to cook with them together if you get the opportunity. Unlike staying isolated in a hotel, you can join the special Markets where you can get information about the Market’s history, basic local ingredients, fruits/vegetables and spices, taste them and also buy them for the local meal you want to learn with hosts family. These interactions will take you deep into the local gastronomy by preparing traditional meals with your local hosts family. In this way, have the opportunity to learn traditions in most authentic way, so that you’ll be able to treat your family and friends with a fantastic foreign dinner in your home country.

Solo travellers

Travelling on your own can be an extremely liberating experience, and some would argue it’s the best way to travel. While there’s no doubt it’s a great way to see the world, there’s always something comforting about staying with somebody who knows a destination well when you arrive. In a homestay, you’ll meet interesting people, share stories and experiences and maybe even make new friends.

Insider Tips, beyond the touristic path

Travellers wants to go beyond the tourist hotspots and experience the colourful history, unique culture, and distinct tastes of a destination. A local can offer variety of insider tips that focus on special interests of yours like art, cuisine, weekly markets, off the beaten tracks and adventure. Such stays also provide travellers with non-traditional experiences such as enjoying a home-cooked local meal at a local family’s farmhouse, or volunteering at a community development project, singular experiences that would be hard to arrange on one’s own.

Unforgettable moments

We all have our special travel moments, a memorable meal, meeting someone, an embarrassing faux pas or simply being awestruck by scenery. We carry them inside as our precious travel memories, sometimes those wonderful moments are people involved and those anecdotes and the tales which make travel memories special. There are travellers who have found second siblings, moms and dads in the country they’ve travelled.