Ella – Homestay

NameDevika & Kolitha

About The Host

What do you like in this job?

Mmm, really this is a very interesting field. I’m working in a rural hospital as a doc. So this is a good opportunity for me to mingle with people from other parts of the world, learn new languages, to make new friends. We could show them our beautiful country too.


What do you cook for your guests?

Ooops, mostly my mom cooks. But as a doctor, I involve myself to plan a well balanced diet. We do pick vegetables and fruits of the season usually to prepare for our guests. We do have some organic vegetables and fruits grown in our garden too. Guests are welcome to enjoy them.

Usually we prefer serving typical Sri Lankan food for our guests and our breakfast can be selected from varities like hoppers with katta sambol pittu with coconut milk, poll rotti with sambol, indiappam, etc…


Do yor guests have privacy in your homestay?

Of course they get their own space, room with well equipped attached bathroom & toilets, freedom to be alone. But, we always love mingle with them if they would like to.


What is the difference to a hotel?

You are with a lovely family where you are personally taken care of, more chances of getting involved in local activities being someone from our own family.