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Galle Organic Kitchen

Galle Organic Kitchen – Not a restaurant, we share our family kitchen with six visitors every day.


Yusuf and his family offer traditional sri lankan meals at their home, which cannot find in a usual local restaurant. It’s not a restaurant, it’ simply their family kitchen. The ingrendients for the meals are bought from the nearby local market and is all organic. If you get the chance you can even join Yusuf to the local market and learn more about sri lankan vegetables and fruits.

We open three tables for our daily meals to put healthiest food we prepare for ourselves on the plates of guests who visits Galle, the city of hospitality. We serve breakfast, lunch & dinner every day from our home kitchen that is limited for maximum six numbers of visitors. All our meals are freshly prepared each day and free from any additives, preservatives or colorings. Please come and enjoy a meal to feel the difference!


If you would like to taste authentic sri lankan food in a locals house with family atmosphere you can contact Yusuf under:

Phone / Whattsapp: +94 755 8383 00
Mail: yusuf@eurolanka.de

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  1. D.Horadagoda

    We have been to ”Galle organic kitchen ” with my family, and we had a very tasty ‘wattalappan, musket & a excellent drink’
    wow….. what CAN I SAY?
    It was absolutely delicious and the service was excellent ,we will definitely be back.
    Very highly recommended,

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