Why Travel With Eurolanka?


For our trips, we choose accommodation in homestays or private guesthouses. As a result, you directly get introduced to locals and advantage forthright contact with local people. With home-made food of the hosts, you have the opportunity to interact with the locals at the common meal and will gain insights into the food culture of the country. Some of our partners, source their food from their own organic garden. For travelers who like to stay in hotels, we offer the possibility of booking their preferred hotels as well.

Authentic & Organic Meals

It would be pity to travel to a new country and not try the local food specialties. As food is a big part of any culture, we choose accommodation or restaurants with local meals on our itineraries, preferring places that cook their food from organic sources. Have a meal together with your host or maybe even try to cook with them together if you get the opportunity.


Local means of transport are part of the travel experience and therefore we choose public transport on certain routes. We use local transportations such as, Tuk-tuks, trains or maybe a coach. If the itinerary allows and there are convenient connections, we prefer public transport for the sake of saving the environment. If the journey by public transport becomes too cumbersome or too long, we organize private vehicles.

Sustainable Travel With Eurolanka

We want to offer our travelers an unforgettable travel experience, which also benefits the local people directly from their trip. Therefore, we choose accommodations and other service providers that are privately managed by local people and are not part of a large chain. Thus, the respective host, guide or restaurant owner profits directly from your trip, which leads to a strengthening of the regional economy. We want to minimize environmental footprints on our itineraries and avoid negative impacts on biodiversity. That’s why we prefer public transport in certain routes, or even the bike, when it’s deep into rural areas. We design our trips to promote intercultural exchange and local culture, while preserving the customs and culture of the country. Therefore, we refrain e.g. on actions that are frowned upon in local culture.All these economic, ecological and social aspects we combine in our travels to create a positive contribution for travelers and hosts. We always strive to improve our travel in the direction of sustainability.

Benefits Of Our Homestays

Meet The Locals

For those who love meeting the locals, experiencing real local culture and learn about local traditions.


Get a deep insight into the local culture through your host which you cannot find in any book. 

Homemade Food

Have a meal together with your host or maybe even try to cook with them together if you get the opportunity.

Insider Tipps

A local can offer variety of insider tips that focus on special interests of yours like art, cuisine, markets.

Our Traveller's Opinions

  • Excelent tour! The idea of a homestay tour is genius! Totally affordable, we got a chance to experience “real Sri Lanka”, interacting with people in the places we stayed in, sometimes cooking along, playing with the children, talking to everyone. It is relaxing to know that food, travel, activities, overnight stay, are all paid for and taken care of. Plus the friendship we received from Yusuf, our guide, and Namal, our driver! They did everything that was necesary to provide the services agreed upon, and also to arrange extras activities we were interested in, like Balloon flying, snorkeling, whale watching! It was just perfect, and we will always be thankful to them and to every simple person we met in Sri Lanka… A disclaimer, though: This tour is for people who do not except high level services, because meals are usually served at homes or in family restaurants. Even though some of the houses we stayed in had rooms nicer than 4 star hotels!

    Osvaldo Amado
  • Thansk to Eurolanka to organising a very individual tour for me. Nice little bungalows or appartments were chosen as i wished. The driver dorv every safe in the crazy Sri Lankan traffic and all was set up to meet my requirements.

    Staying in Galle with Yusuf and seeing all the beautiful places (tee plantation, river safari, turtle retreat, shopping areas and all the interesting temples, mosuqes and churches) made me feel very welcomed in this nice city.

    I can highly recommend Yusuf and his team for the indidvidual Sri Lankan travel experience and especially the foody experience. The home made food was like heaven….

    Thanks for a winderful time – i will definitely come back!

  • Everything you needed in a cultural, exciting and in depth experience of Sri Lanka!
    The team at Euro Lanka led by Yusuf is nothing short of exceptional. They go above and beyond to tailor the trip how you would like it but at no point does that detract away from the essence of traditional Sri Lanka. Yusuf started by customising our trip to suit our needs which many other tour companies don’t do. Then once there the service was impeccable, with local insights, stops and learnings from not only Yusuf himself, but his family, driver Namal and the locals enlisted to help show us the best possible time in Sri Lanka. We could not fault the trip at any point and if we needed something more or else, Yusuf would make it happen so we could enjoy the entire trip with a care free experience. Highly recommend Euro Lanka as you get a wholesome traditional and unbelievable experience with Yusuf and the team. Thank you!


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